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Residential Products


Total Pure

Clean air is a right, not a privilege.

Core Air Systems was launched as a result of the recent pandemic. We believe everyone should have access to clean, breathable air. Our goal is to provide environmentally-friendly products to everyone regardless of their financial status. 

Get Clean Air; Give Clean Air

A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be used to assist in supplying Core Air Systems to low-income seniors and residences.


These are wonderful. We have noticed a difference in the 3 short weeks since they have been installed. We have allergies and would wake up congested every morning...now we wake up clear. We used to have a problem with dust and dander from our 100-pound dog quickly accumulating on our furniture. Not anymore. Also. we no longer notice any smells of any kind. The installation of this little unit in your return air fan is easy and quick. Because customers do not have access to it and it kills 99% of all viruses, etc. ,we have installed these in all of our homes and McDonald's restaurants. It's like having an extra security blanket.

Joe, Joe Jr, and Ed P.


“I installed this technology in my home when I lived in Texas years ago to combat my allergies. When I moved to South Carolina I had the pleasure of working closely with Core on various sign refurbishment projects. I was ecstatic to learn that Core not only offered ionization systems, they also offered them for commercial use! ........

Cari S. , Restaurant Owner


... I immediately installed the Core Air Systems at my new home and in all of my stores. As an owner/operator, I feel strongly it is my responsibility to provide the safest environment for my staff and guests. I can say this was one of the best choices I made in 2020. We had two employees at two separate stores test positive for COVID right after Thanksgiving. It’s now December 31st and no one else has gotten it. If you come to my home, you wouldn’t know we have pets. It’s a proven technology with benefits that far surpass this pandemic and is really a nice perk for my staff!” 

Cari S. , Restaraunt Owner


"My wife is a heavy smoker and within a few days the smoke odors were essentially gone. We are even sleeping better at night. We attribute that to the reduced amount of airborne particles which aggravate our sinuses and create allergy problems."

Stephen Y, Kearney, NJ


"We would highly recommend this system to everybody. My allergies are almost non-existent and our beautiful new home always smells fresh, even after cooking fish or garlic."

Jack R, Blue Springs, MO

Clean air brings pure bliss. Breathe Clean with Core Air Systems.