Core Green Technologies Celebrates Small Business Saturday!

Our Small Business Story

Core Green Technologies grew out of the desire to bring sustainable, green technology to the commercial market. Unfortunately, around the time we prepared to launch our original product, EV charging stations, the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Our clients and customers were no longer experiencing their usual levels of business, and our own loved ones were becoming ill with Covid-19. We knew we had to find a product that would combat Covid-19 while allowing us to continue doing business.

This past summer, we launched our plexiglass Germ Guards to the quick-serve restaurant industry. Although this product proved successful, we knew that it was not a permanent solution, but rather a temporary bandaid to the problem facing our nation. So, we began looking for ways to combat germs at the source, in the air.

After researching multiple cleaning methods, from UV lights to electrostatic cleaning, we came across an article in which the Spanish government had used needlepoint bipolar ionization to purify the air in a live Covid patient room. After further research, we discovered that the technology had been around for decades and had been used to combat the SARS virus and control pathogens in food manufacturing.

This year, we made it our goal to bring this innovative technology across the nation. Everyone deserves to have great indoor air quality, and Core Green Technologies helps businesses and individuals to achieve the cleanest indoor air possible! We truly believe that Core Air Systems is a BETTER way of cleaning. 

As part of Small Business Saturday, we are offering our Core Air Systems to businesses and residences at a ONE-DAY sale price of $399. You can also shop our normal Black Friday deals from Sunday until the end of Cyber Monday, November 30th. 

Thank you for your support in 2020, and thank you for "Shopping Small" this holiday season!