Commercial Usage

Core Air Systems

Shared Air is the current conundrum in EVERY Industry. From Restaurants to Schools and Offices to Warehouses not to mention Senior Living Communities and Healthcare Establishments, they all have the same issue. How do they clean the air 24/7? Core Air Systems are vetted and use needlepoint bipolar ionization to render germs and allergens harmless within minutes and continue to work 24 hours a day killing bacteria, viruses, and allergens no matter if they are airborne (FLU & COVID-19), food borne (E.Coli & Salmonella), or surface living (Staphylococcus & Streptococcus) at a 99% effective rate.



Product Features:

  • Innovative Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology.
  • Sourced from the leading manufacturers and innovators in the clean air industry.
  • Easily installs into existing HVAC systems (including PTAC & VTAC.)
  • LOWERS energy costs by up to 30% by reducing the need for outside air.
  • UL 2998 certified (NO Ozone or harmful byproducts produced.)
  • 12-year life expectancy.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Low maintenance.





  • Deactivates viruses (Influenza, SARS, etc.)
  • Kills bacteria (Staph, Strep, Salmonella, E.coli).
  • Prevents Mold Growth and kills existing mold.
  • Reduces dust, pollen, and dander.
  • Breaks down VOCs, like ammonia, into harmless elements.
  • Produces mountain quality air with NO UV lights.
  • Continuously cleans air 24/7 by constantly releasing ions into every space.
  • Cleans air without the need for it to first be circulated through the ventilation system.  
  • Helps you get “Back to Business!”



We are currently installed in…

  • Senior Living Communities
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Casinos




The Science Behind Our Products:

Core Air Systems is modeled after a natural process that was discovered by Albert Einstein decades ago. Thanks to ion-producing ultraviolet rays from the sun, outdoor air is naturally purified through Bipolar Ionization. Core Air Systems recreate this process indoors to bring pure, safe mountain quality air to your residents, staff, and guests.

 Core Air products are mounted in the ventilation system of any building or room. As air passes over the products, millions of positively and negatively charged ions are formed – just like in nature. These bipolar ions disperse into the occupied space through the duct system, proactively attacking and neutralizing airborne contaminants where they cause the most problems for occupants, in the air.

NPBI has been successfully used in cleanroom applications to help reduce airborne particle counts and create the cleanest indoor environments possible for critical pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing processes, airports, and casinos. With 90% of our lives spent indoors, NPBI is the only technology proven to work continuously in the air without the need to first be circulated through the ventilation system.